As an Internet Marketer, I get asked all the time, “Why can’t people find my website?”  And, I wish I had a quick and easy answer for them.  Unfortunately, many business owners think that “If I build it, they will come”.  This is true with most small business owners who will create their own website in order to save money, only later to learn that it is missing key ingredients that search engines need in order to rank their new website.

In the age of smartphones and information at our fingertips, owning a website that people can find is like owning a piece of high-end real estate.   Meaning, it is a valuable commodity to be found on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Folks are more likely to buy from a business found on the first page.

My advice to business owners that have a website that isn’t reaching potential customers is as follows:

Pay to have someone re-design your website –   There are a lot of free website companies with snazzy templates and ease of use capability.  And, many business owners end up using these companies because they make it easy for them to get started.  Sure, they can create a website over a weekend, but folks won’t be able to find their website when searching on the internet.  This is very frustrating for a business owner that just gave up their weekend.   The world of search engine optimization (SEO) and website marketing is not something learned quickly.  Today, business owners need an internet marketer that knows what the search engines are looking for and how to design a website that give Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others what they are looking for.  The cost of hiring someone to handle your website is well worth the frustration and time spent doing it yourself.

Ongoing Optimization & Marketing – Business owners think that once their website meets the above criteria that all is done and nothing ever needs to be done again in regards to their website. However, this is far from the case!  Websites that grow with new information and are interactive with visitors always rank better.  Google, for instance, looks for fresh up to date content because that is what folks want.  Folks don’t want to visit a website only to learn the information is out dated, or worse, the business no longer exists.  More and more individuals want to connect in some way with the person or company behind the website.  This is where having a website marketer will help you secure your online presence in the marketplace.

Hire Someone to Manage Your Online Reputation – We now live in a time where folks are passive shoppers. In the quiet of their home, people can research products and services until they feel comfortable with buying.  This is why it is crucial to own a website that speaks to potential buyers.  The best way I’ve seen this accomplished is with companies who have someone dedicated to the marketing of their company via the internet.  Think about it?  We use our smart phones, tablets and computers for just about every buying decision.  Buying a book, we look to see how many stars it has on Amazon.  Planning on remodeling your kitchen? We would look on Google to see how many reviews and what rating the business has.  Bottom line is your online reputation is just as important as the service or product you provide.  Statistics will show that people are 10 times more likely to buy or hire someone based on their online reputation.  You’re busy running your business because that is what you do best.  Let someone else keep an eye on your online credibility.

In conclusion, owning a business means you need to own your online presence.  You need to be found by folks searching for your product or service.   The internet is organic and constantly evolving.  You need a website marketer who will make sure what folks see online about you is positive, your business website satisfies the search engines algorithms, and builds a connection with visitors.