It’s no secret that video marketing works! People love watching videos. This is how You Tube got started and why today we get messages on our phones that so-and-so is live on Instagram or live on Facebook RIGHT NOW! We love tuning in!

If you run a business or an organization then it’s time you use video. It’s super simple and easier than you think to make a great video.

Here are a few tips from video marketing experts to keep in mind when you decide to get in front of the camera… oops… I mean in front of your phone.

  • Lighting – Make sure you are somewhere with plenty of light. Otherwise, your video will look grainy and dark and you don’t want that! Personally, I like the outdoors as there is plenty of natural lighting. You just have to make sure it’s not a windy day or you’ll have sound issues.
  • Keep a Steady Hand or Get a Friend – For less than twenty bucks you can get a nifty little tool that will help you keep your phone steady. Don’t try and hold it yourself because it will shake. Trust me on this! You need a stabilizer. And this one on Amazon is a good deal for the price and is flexible in that that you can hold the phone in a portrait or landscape angle.
  • Audio – Sound quality is just as important as lighting. If people can’t hear what you’re saying or if there is background noise, then they won’t want to watch. Ouch!  So, a little planning goes a long way. If you have little ones, then perhaps when they are down for a nap is a good time. Remember when this live BBC interview was interrupted with the dad’s kid coming in his home office? You don’t want that!

So, when it comes to sound, it’s best to do a sound check. You might be surprised at what sounds or noises your phone picks up. It’s better to move locations than to spend all that time making a video only to have to scrap it later.

  • Be Prepared – Take a moment and jot down what you are going to say. Start by writing the goal of the video. Perhaps it’s to announce a sale. Then write down the details of the sale and then practice as if the camera was rolling. Think about it! Every TV show has a blooper reel because even the professionals mess up and they are in front of a camera day in and day out for a living.

If you think you want to make videos on a regular basis for your business, then consider getting this program called iPocket Video.  I’ve referred it to many people and they have all loved it! I own the course myself and it’s really cool!